At CHM Security Services, we understand the need for professional, discreet security and protective services.  Our clients, who run the gamut from major corporations to public personalities to private businesses, need the peace of mind that competent, professional security services provide.  We work with our clients to understand the scope of their concern and create a plan that works to answer those concerns.

Among the personal security services we offer are:
• Close Personal Security for Executives, VIPS, & Celebrities
• Protection for Individuals Transporting Valuable Commodities
• Advance Visit Preparation Work for Incoming Clients
• Protective Escort Services
• Inconspicuous Personal Protection
• Individual Bodyguard
• Protective Entourage
• Private Parties
• Building or Premises Security

We are available for consultations and we encourage you to call or complete and submit our contact form.  A representative will be in touch with you within 1 to 2 business days.

Call us at 718-618-4831