Keep your talent safe and secure. Whether it is your CEO, a celebrity in town to attend an event, or a courier transporting valuable items, nothing keeps them safe like personal security professionals that know what they are doing. CHM Security Services is an independent security agency with more than 20 years of experience in New York City law enforcement as well as extensive experience with top security companies.

We strive to make our clients happy by keeping them secure and treating them like family. Our privately owned security company treats you and the client we are protecting with honesty and integrity.

Securing Your Safety with Discretion & Discernment
CHM Security Services is a full service security agency that specializes in all security  and personal protection services. Our mission is to give our clients the best service possible with the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and loyalty. The safety and comfort of our client is our primary concern and responsibility. We protect the client and diffuse situations before they turn into confrontations.

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